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Felt Tips Is Here!

Felt Tips cover art, featuring a black mesh pencil holder positioned in front of a riding crop

Psst. The world's first anthology of office supply erotica is now available for purchase.

I think y'all should buy it because:

  • The proceeds go to charities that help kids get school supplies and adults get work clothes. Hurray for just causes!

  • It's filled with smut. Smut is happy-making.

  • It's $4.99, which is an excellent price for scads of happy-making smut.

  • I've got a story in it, as do 43 other awesome authors.

The e-book is currently available at Barnes & Noble for Nook or Smashwords in multiple formats including mobi, epub, and PDF. It'll be on a bunch of other sites in the coming days, too, but the retailers have been a bit slow to process it. A print edition is also forthcoming.

Buy it. Read it. Revel in it.

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